Copyright: Pixaby/Startupstockphotos

Copyright: Pixaby/Startupstockphotos

Generation Y (Millennials): We believe in change. My generation is expected to change jobs more often than any generation before us. We’re young; we’re educated; we’re eager; we’re looking for jobs, and you’d be wise to hire us. Here’s a short list of what you need to know to attract and keep us.

1. Challenge us: We have spent a lot of time and money on education; we love to learn and put what we’ve learned to use. Millennials are confident in their ability to grow and adapt in a fast paced environment, and we expect to be constantly updating and rewriting our job descriptions to include new responsibilities. Employers can expect more and more from us, and we’ll appreciate them for it.

2. Involve us: We work best in an environment where we are taken seriously as collaborators. Involve us in the decision-making. Millennials have been educated with active learning methods, participating in class discussion and collaborating on group projects. Shared decision making yields more thoughtful, holistic, better workplace solutions. Fostering this relationship will make us feel connected and hold our interest in our roles.

3. Make it meaningful: We believe that the future will be better than the now. We watched the eagle come back from near extinction and flourish; we recycle; we buy hybrid cars. We want to be a part of the brighter future, and we are motivated to work hard for an organization that is affecting positive change.

4. Provide feedback: We want to know what worked and why, what didn’t, and how to improve. If something needs improvement, we want to know about it, and we’ll appreciate that feedback, change our approach to accommodate it. This practice creates a constructive environment for us to constantly evolve into better employees.

5. Be transparent: We expect to be communicated with honestly and frequently. For this, employers will be rewarded with frequent honest communication from us.

6. Give us work-life balance: We will work very hard for you, but at the end of the day, or in the middle of it, we want to relax and enjoy life. A creative and flexible work schedule is important. We can work from anywhere that has a wireless connection and some places that don’t. We can check email on the bus; we can be productive from home. Allowing for this balance will give you dependable employees who work effectively in a less structured environment.

We are not just looking for jobs to pay the bills. We want careers, careers we are actively involved in advancing. Sure, things like money and health insurance are important to us, but what brings us job satisfaction, buys our loyalty, is finding a workplace that challenges and engages us.

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