A List: 10 seriously awesome women you need to know

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The Star Tribune came out with the 2011 Executive Compensation Report on June 19 where it listed the 100 highest-paid Minnesota CEOs. Guess how many were women? Six. Guess how many women made the top 20? None. So here I am, staring at a cover page with 20 male headshots staring back at me and […]

Introducing Allée’s new social media and community engagement interns

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We are excited to announce the addition of two interns to the Allée team! Jodi Osmond and Shannon Neeser will be joining Allée next week, focusing on social media, community engagement and research. We’re pretty excited about the new additions and wanted to give these ladies a chance to say hello and let everyone know […]

Why I love my small business

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Owning a small business is hard work. Working with other small business owners is hard work. Limited budgets, crazy hours, looming deadlines…it’s all hard work. And it’s all worth it. Five years ago, I made the crazy decision (while pregnant with my second child) to quit my job and start my own communications consulting firm. […]