A List: 10 reasons why YOU need to attend the upcoming B4: Small Business Workshops

The B4: Small Business Workshops series begins August 9 in Albertville. Don’t let the name fool you: the series is for any business leader (or prospective leaders) in small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations. Here is why you need to attend: 10. Breakfast is the most important part of the day. 9. Groups are fun. […]

Your marketing plan lineup, fantasy football style

It is estimated that over 24 million people participate in fantasy football leagues every year (Washington Times) in the United States. I play in three leagues along with a healthy participation in fantasy baseball and golf. One could say that my fantasy life eats up a good portion of my real life. The key to […]

The decision: What LeBron James taught me about employee retention

On July 8, 2010 a television program like we have never seen (and may never see again) aired on ESPN. It was on that evening LeBron James, most prized free agent in the history of the National Basketball Association (and quite possibly in any sport), announced live that he was leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers […]

A List: Pitching tips from the pros

We’ve all been there: Writing a press release and figuring out where and how to pitch it to receive the best coverage for your client. Adding in and taking out information to most effectively grab a journalist’s attention. Well, we got in touch with Star Tribune reporter Jeff Strickler and Sacramento Bee journalist Dale Kasler, […]

The spirit in social media

Recently, Allée had the pleasure of working with the nonprofit organization Social Media Shepherds on a pro bono branding project. Originator Greg Swan, social media champion, who was recently named one of Metromix.com’s “Top Tweeps of the Twin Cities,” started Social Media Shepherds about two years ago. Currently, there are about 100 people in the group, […]

No plan? Beware of the crash.

Yesterday, in my haste to get the kids to daycare and off to my first appointment of the day (after we all woke up late), I ran the side of my mini van into the side of our garage. That’s right. I had an accident in my own garage. Now, after you stop laughing at […]