Poor editing ruins marketing

Last week, I received two flyers in the mail from two different pizza joints in town. Neither was new to the area, but one had recently changed its name and the other now had new ownership (and a new location). The first flyer listed the business’s “new” website which, when I went to look it […]

Put a crown on it; this Content Rules.

The problem with writing about writing is that readers can so easily judge your writing more harshly. I shudder to think how many times I’ve submitted a résumé touting my attention to “detial”and great proofing skills. I’ve always admired people with the courage to take on the topic of writing, especially when they do it […]

The many uses of social media: Conversation, debate and support

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been attributed with, literally, changing the way the world communicates. They’ve connected people from across the world and given a voice to the voiceless. These sites provide ways for everyone from celebrities to politicians to the average Joe to share their thoughts and reactions about world […]

A List: Six considerations for business planning

On Tuesday, August 9, we held our first B4: Small Business Workshop focused on business planning. It was a great two and a half hours of learning, conversation and networking. Here is a brief recap of the areas we covered–the six considerations for business planning, if you will: 1. Plan Planning, whether business plans, marketing […]

Using your Klout

Everyone has influence on both a personal and professional level. The idea of knowing how much influence we have is intriguing. With Klout, perhaps we can get a better idea. Klout is one of the results of founder Joe Fernandez’s jaw surgery. Apparently, when your jaw is wired shut, you have a lot of time […]

A List: 5 things you can’t control in public relations

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Today’s A List is courtesy of a little media “oh no!” moment I experienced a week ago. As you may know, Allée recently launched a new educational series (B4: Small Business Workshops) and as such, we’ve been focused internally on some media relations and PR of our own. I have to say that, in the […]

The 24 Hours Unplugged Challenge

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Could you go an entire day without your smart phone, computer, iPad, iPod or TV? On Sunday, July 31, a host of my colleagues and friends took the Unplugged Project’s 24 Hours Unplugged Challenge. They put down their smartphones, turned off their computers and enjoyed a day without being “tuned in” every single minute. Now, I’m sure […]