Facebook statistics for retail brands: An infographic on customer engagement

Facebook Infographic

Some of the most useful statistics regarding social media use and online consumer trends came from the Nielsen State of the Media: Social Media Report Q3 (2011). In America, more time is spent on Facebook than on any other website. Likewise, Hitwise found that for every one Facebook “like,” a consumer will visit a retailer’s […]

6 lbs of influence: Measuring social media success

Social media takes time, and it can be fatiguing. How can you tell if the payoff is worth the investment? According to Peter Drucker “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” but how do you measure something as seemingly intangible as social media success? Strategies: Instead of always wondering if social media is […]

Consumer tendencies of Generation Y

Social media and the digital world is inherently entwined in the lives of Generation Y. I can remember getting my first computer in the mid 1990s. A bulky desktop, hooked up to a million cables and wires. The possibilities, it seemed, were endless with this machine. Little did I know that this computer and what […]

How much influence does the media have?

PR professionals use social media every day to promote clients, to communicate and engage with audiences and to respond to questions or issues. It’s no secret that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites have become important tools in a PR pro’s comprehensive tool box. I like to call this new tool box, PR 2.0. […]

A List: The others

Recently, I was reading about an organization gaining support using Twitter, Facebook “and other social media.” I’m sure you’ve noticed the array of icons at the bottom of articles and blogs suggesting the multiple ways you can share the content. Do you just skim over them? Are the others worth your time? Millions of users […]