Can market segmentation go too far?

As a marketing professional, you’ll often hear me talk about segmenting your market and drilling down to figure out who it really is you’re trying to reach. Recently, Dr. Pepper took their target market research to the extreme and, after finding that men were not keen on diet drinks (the drinks were not “manly” enough), […]

Marketing: Hire it out or do it yourself?

outsourcing marketing

I often work with many organizations that don’t always have marketing departments (or may have one person on staff wearing multiple hats, marketing included). So when is it appropriate to keep your marketing in-house and when should you hire out your marketing? Here are five suggestions: 1. Leave design work to professionals Microsoft Word is […]

Time flies: What I’ve learned from Allée

Oh, how the time flies! Three short months ago I jumped on board the Allée ship as the social media and community engagement intern. Since then I have gained a wealth of knowledge and have had the chance to get my hands on an assortment of tasks. Through previous internships, I’ve been able to dabble […]