In two days, we’ll welcome a new year. For me, the change is exciting–full of promise and new beginnings. Sometimes I set personal resolutions, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I do always like to reflect on the year that has passed and think about what I’ve learned. In my personal life, this typically comes in the form of our family’s end-of-the-year letter. But in this space, I’d just like to share a few thoughts on what I’ve learned professionally this year and thank the wonderful people that supported me to make it happen.

There’s lots I’ll remember about 2011. The fact that I work in a fun, fast-paced industry is not lost on me. Sure, it can be cut-throat and challenging at times, but what job isn’t? What I’ve come to embrace and enjoy this year are all the wonderful resources at my fingertips, the amazing companies that also do what we do, and the constant change in trends (frustrating as they can be at times). There is constant learning to be done every day and I love that.

I’ve also learned that I am not immune to the stress and emotional roller coasters that social media can bring. Even as a marketer that knows how important social media is, I’m a person just like the rest of you who, at times, feels like I jumped back in to high school and didn’t get invited to the popular kids’ party. This year, I learned it’s OK not to be a part of it all and to really filter out/in what you think is important.

I was also introduced to some fabulous resources and information this year. I made it my mission to get away from my computer screen and learn through good old fashioned print (well OK, in addition to the blogs and other online resources I browsed each day). In 2011 I fell in love with HOW magazine, Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants,” Chief Content Officer magazine and the book “Engage!” by Brian Solis.

But the one thing that was the most powerful for me in 2011–the one thing that taught me the most about myself and my business–is that I’m only as great as the support around me.

My support team rocks

Our interns this summer were fabulous and so were all of the freelancers and consultants we partnered with during 2011. I was fortunate to have partnered with some rock stars including Shannon Neeser and Jodi Osmond, Dave Yankowiak, Sarah Sladek and Catherine Jensen. I am fortunate to have great friends and colleagues in the industry. But I could not do what I do each and every day without the love and support of my family. I am not typically a mushy person, but it truly needs to be said. I leaned on my family a lot in 2011 and I am grateful for their unending love and support.

So enjoy these last few days of 2011 and think about what you’ve learned. We are all successful because of the special people in our lives, whoever they may be. Be sure let them know your appreciation.

Cheers to the New Year. See you in 2012!

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