Green marketing: Sustainable print marketing ideas

green marketing

At some point, whether on a continuous basis or as a one-off project, you’ll have (or already have) a need for printed marketing materials. Maybe your message warrants print. Maybe your audience prefers it. Maybe you have a lot of technical information to relay. Whatever the reason, you need print. But, you’re also mindful of […]

Membership marketing: Facebook isn’t money in the bank

Facebook Marketing

When I meet with prospective membership marketing clients, I have a laundry list of questions that help me get acquainted with the organization’s current marketing plan and initiatives. There are always a few questions about social media. Quite often, the conversation goes a little like this: Me: Are you active on social media? Potential Client: […]

How to manage an editorial calendar

editorial calendar

You’ve heard me talk a lot about producing intriguing content that is consistent and timely for your audience. But between your blog, website, e-newsletter and printed publications, how do you keep it all straight? An editorial calendar is a great way to get started. What is an editorial calendar An editorial calendar is a tool […]

5 marketing predictions for 2012: Who will survive?

2012 marketing predictions

The year 2012 will prove big for businesses that embrace a mix of both new and traditional marketing strategies. Social media still remains a large part of an organization’s success as does content, authenticity and the ability to take risks. How will businesses fare in the coming year? What marketing trends will move organizations to […]