3 tips for your PR pitch follow up


I’m no journalist, but over the past decade, I’ve worked with quite a few while handling various PR projects for clients. So, I have a good sense of how overloaded journalists are when it comes to pitches. Press releases and pitch emails flood a journalist’s email on a daily basis; we’re talking hundreds of different messages pitching why “Client X” is the next best thing. So how do you follow up with your own pitch without seeming too eager?

Website maintenance: 3 quick things to do today


Website maintenance is not always a fun task, but it’s important. We all know the importance of keeping our content fresh, relevant and up-to-date. Consider your website your company’s home base. When visitors arrive, you want it looking clean; a good first impression of you and your business. And although cleaning isn’t fun, it doesn’t […]

5 ways using video can help your small business


Video Killed the Radio Star. A new era for music: the visual dimension. Flashback to early 80s – MTV’s debut. Thousands of viewers glued to their TVs to catch that favorite video. (Who can forget Thriller??) Professional productions or home-made reels, video captures audiences for simple instructional how-to demos, sports replays, news snip-its, topics of interest. It’s a great […]

5 recommendations for online PR tools


Every once in awhile, I come across a client who is looking for the golden ticket–a PR stint or cover story that will generate thousands of dollars in new business and immediate attention to their brand. As we all know, there is no Golden Ticket in life, but hard work and perseverance pays off. This […]

The importance of a small business brand statement


Small business branding is never an easy task and, for many of us, it’s easy to put on the back burner when more pressing issues seem to arise (customers, clients, paying our employees). However, at the rate social media and online community engagement has taken off, small businesses can no longer make excuses for a […]

Grow your small business using Facebook Timeline

grow your small business

I’m a creature of habit. Each day, I realize more and more how my days mirror one another. The time I wake up seems to get earlier to capture “quiet” time and organize my day. Then, I’m off and running: Exercise, kids on the bus, work (at which the hours seem to disappear into minutes), back home to make dinner, activities, […]