I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all technology has to offer and can’t keep up with every single trend on the Web. Luckily, “the powers that be”, have once again come up with a way that allows us to have our hands in multiple cookie jars, without wanting to pull our hair out.

Manage your cookies RSS readers and content marketingToo many jars, not enough hands

With a growing number of informational sites on the rise, users can find it exhausting and inefficient to wade through multiple sites in order to find useful or interesting information. RSS feeds (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) solve this problem and allow users to easily stay updated on new articles and information. Consumers elect to subscribe to follow your news and updates by adding your RSS feed to their browser. With the growing need for instant access to the latest and greatest information, more and more websites are offering RSS feeds to accommodate this demand.

With any new methodology users will have to learn how and why they should jump on board, but like any new product, information is key. Most technological surfers are already aware of the necessity to download and implement free RSS readers, such as Google Reader  (which is a Web-based aggregator capable of reading these feeds).

What does this mean for your business? Any time you publish or make edits to your company’s website, blog, social media sites or other media channels, your subscribers will have the information automatically served up to them the next time they open their preferred browser installed with the RSS reader. Instant access.

Make your cookies work for you

If you want your potential consumer base to think of your business first, you should strive to publish key industry-related issues first. Starting an RSS can be a great asset to online or content marketing campaigns, by not only building brand loyalty but also credibility. The goal behind content marketing is to continuously educate and stay relevant in consumer’s minds, not only to drive brand recognition, but also to have consumers view you (or your company) as a thought leader and industry expert. Consumers like to hear and read news about companies they are interested and from those that make the effort to humanize themselves.

Content marketing: A new kind of cookie jar

Marketers may have a variety of goals they want to achieve by means of content marketing: lead generation, brand recognition, increase sales, and increase market saturation/retention. Like any new marketing strategy, defining your goals and what you want to achieve outright will help in measuring the campaign’s success.

In fact, the term, “content engineer” is being used to describe a new breed of marketer. Your job is to not only make sure that the content you create is relevant and consistent but that you’re also constructing easy ways for your audience to find said information. RSS feeds are essential tools to set up in order to provide easy-access to information.

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