Marketing to younger audiences: Where’s your audience and what do they want?


Earlier this year, Encyclopedia Brittanica announced they will no longer print their volume of encyclopedias. At our house, the conversation went something like this: Kids: Did you ever have to use those books? Me: Yes. Kids: Why didn’t you just use Wikipedia? Me: It wasn’t an option. Kids: NO WAY! Seriously?? I’m ancient. I know. Webster’s […]

The 5 “Cs” of business partnerships


As business professionals, we’re always trying to think of ways to enhance what we deliver to our customers. However, because of the overachiever in us, we tend think we have to make these enhancements ourselves. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. If we’d just take a minute to look around, we’d find companies that are […]

How to pack a punch with successful branding


Brand is more than a logo. It’s a personality. It’s value. It’s the bond to your members or consumers. Most importantly, it keeps you and your organization top of mind. Branding is expanding beyond a visual icon. How recognizable is your company’s brand? What services or products do you represent? Does your audience connect your […]

Back to school with direct mail, coupons and online ads: What’s working and what’s not

DM infographic

The biggest difference in a direct mail piece versus an email or even online advertising is there is no hard-and-fast opt-in option for your audience. When you advertise online, you know that some part of your copy intrigued someone to click on your ad or link. The same holds true with your own email list—your […]

4 easy steps to launch a website


Building a new website or revamping an existing website is exciting! It’s a presence – and definitely a process. Design, content, optimization, interactions, calls to action… there’s so much to consider. In the end, it’s really about reaching your audience and making sure they can find you. Here’s some key steps to keep in mind before […]