From designing her own degree at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to a mother of four, Melissa Harrison, is the epitome of determination, and six years later she has her own thriving business to show for it. While Melissa was pregnant with her second child, she decided she wanted to pursue her dream of starting her own marketing communications business in order to offer clients the type of one-on-one consultations they deserved. September marks the 6th year of business, and I asked Melissa to share her story.

Why did you decide to change the name of your business?

The company started in 2006 as Harrison Communications (clever huh?) :) While, as a start-up, that name worked well and covered all our bases, I wanted a more substantial identity and something that would resonate with the services we provide.

How long did the process take?

Our branding process took a good 6 months from naming concepts to visual identity, website development and strategy. We fell in love with Allée because of the creative way the literal meaning transcends into our company’s services and basic philosophies.

We’ve all wondered, what does “Allée” mean?

The literal translation of Allée: A path lined with trees or shrubs.

Our translation?: We guide all our clients down a path lined with creativity, expertise and passion. It’s a team effort and we strive for the experiences we provide to our clients to be positive, engaging and supportive.

How do you draw on your own branding experience in order to help your clients?

We get it, when people come to us they’re looking for answers—for support and help—guidance down whatever path it is they’re on. That’s where we come in. When we work with clients, the branding process is not a quick fix. It’s a strategic process that takes everything from visual needs and message strategy to employee resources and business goals into account.

Not only is Melissa a successful businesswoman, guest speaker, wonderful mother, but also a patient and engaging mentor. I truly feel inspired working with her, and am constantly being challenged to fine-tune my skills. I’ve had a wonderful, hands-on experience as a content marketing intern, and have directly applied my heightened skills to all of my writing and personal social media platforms. Thank you for the opportunity, Melissa, and I wish you much success in the years to come!

Happy birthday, Allée!


  1. Kris says

    Great feature story! I echo these comments – working with Melissa & Allée has been an inspiration in all aspects: writing, social media analysis, client strategy, content marketing. Happy Birthday Allée! Here’s wishing many successful years ahead!

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