A typical day in my office. Amongst the chaos, I promise there is reason to the madness.

Today, I invite you into my world. As chaotic as it may look from the visual evidence on the left, I promise you it’s all very methodical and strategically planned.

That’s me. In my office, surrounded by oodles of articles, client folders, lists and other resources. Smart phone on one side, white board on the wall and coffee (my third cup on this particular day) on the desk. And yes, yes that is a Miller Lite cup right next to it (unfortunately with no booze; water for me during the work day).

I got the inspiration to write this post after getting comments like, “It’s pretty fun you get to hang out on Facebook all day” or when calls come in from family members during my work day because they’re not really sure what I’m actually doing. Trust me, I’m busy. All. The. Time.

And, for companies out there that do not have content strategists, social media managers, content managers (whatever you wish to call them), this is a good break-down of why you could use one and just what, exactly, they’d be doing for you all day.

7 a.m.

Let’s be honest, most days my computer is open and I’m checking email and social media channels well before 7 a.m., but for the sake of this post, let’s just say it’s 7 a.m. I tend to do things in order: Hit the “refresh” on my iPhone email to see if there is anything pressing to attend to, open up my Facebook and Twitter apps and scroll through the latest “news” and open our social media/online mention software app to check for client mentions (we manage a handful of client social media accounts–anything from posting content to replying to giving them the heads up when messages come in).

All of these apps stay open for the remainder of my day.


I’m a check-list girl, so after I do a run through of the above (and spend about 45 minutes going through email, skimming industry articles and replying to messages) I check my calendar for the projects I’m set to work on for the day. Today consists of two client blog posts, a design project, branding guidelines for a client and writing the intro copy to a new eBook (which I’ll be research simultaneously).

All the while, I’m constantly checking in on social media to see what new content is coming out and simultaneously sticking those nuggets of information into client folders, etc. for future content and social media posts throughout the week (or month).


If I’m feeling like I got enough accomplished during the morning, I’ll break for lunch. Today I have no choice–I’m out of town for a wedding this weekend and will need to make a quick run to Target for the last of the “essentials” before we leave. I’m taking off three days the end of this week and beginning of next–I’m freaking out just a tad with how I’m going to get everything done.

Most days, however, I eat lunch in front of my screen (sad, I know). I’m making notes of other articles I find (yes, still reading, still learning) and once again going into all our client social media accounts to check statuses and activity.


Mid-afternoon is much of the same: Continuing work on projects I need to get done for today. I’ll also take time in the afternoons to check on social media content that has been scheduled for clients to post throughout the week. We use a mix of scheduled posts and real-time posts for our clients.

This may also be the time of day that I go through social media and online content stats. We use this information on a regular basis to set client content calendars and report back to them on what is (and is not) working as far as their online content goes.

5 p.m.

A quick end-of-the-day check to make sure all “must answer” emails have gone out and I close up shop…well, kind of. My phone is always on me and every once in awhile I do go back to my machine to finish up writing on particular projects. Today, I’ll be presenting a Facebook workshop in Minneapolis so I’ll need to make sure all lose ends are tied up before I go.

7 p.m.

Today, 7 p.m. means presentation time. If there are no speaking gigs for me after work, it usually means I’m teaching a fitness class (I’m a certified fitness instructor), having dinner with my family or driving one of my four children to some kind of evening activity.

10 p.m.

I’ll admit, there are some days where I need to shut down and turn off at 5 p.m. Completely.

But, more times than not, I do a bit of peeking in on email and other content that’s floating out on the interwebs past “closing time”. So, as I crawl in to bed (which, quite honestly is usually way past 10 p.m.) I do one last check on my iPhone–email, Twitter, Facebook–and then call it a night.

It might not sound all that glamorous, but it is hard (but enjoyable) work. The thing I love most about my job is being able to learn so much each and every day. With the amount of content clients trust me and my staff to keep up with, we have to be constant sponges of information.

Plus, all that information I come across each day makes for good dinner party conversation starters!

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