Creating the effortless experience

Never half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing

Last week I presented you with some shocking stats about customer service; the lesson to be learned was that less is so much more. While viral stories make customer service professionals believe customers want their expectations exceeded, the research shows that customers simply want their problem resolved as quickly as possible, with the least amount […]

Tearing down the Facebook like gate

Copyright: Sarawut Aiemsinsuk/Shutterstock

Facebook is making another change, but this one isn’t so bad. In fact, this Facebook change is rather thoughtful. Facebook is removing the like gate on contests and plugins to make sure that page likes are more meaningful. The Facebook developers explained the removal, “To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who […]

RWD: By the numbers


If you still have a mobile website that is separate from your full website, you are inconveniencing your users and working too hard. Several years ago when Internet access on a phone was still a (slow) luxury, mobile sites provided users what they needed, but now, that is just not the case. For most people, […]

4 easy font pairing ideas

Font pairing infographic

Typography is a huge part of graphic design and not just on tumblr in the form of inspirational quotes. Type matters on all of your marketing materials. But how do you make your typography look professional? If you have ever experimented with typography, you know it is more than just picking random fonts. There are […]

Multi-purpose logo design

Logo tips infographic

These days, it’s not feasible to have one version of your logo. In an age of digital media, traditional marketing and broadcast options, it’s important to have many logo variations and think about your intended use (and longevity) before jumping in to logo design. File types The best file format for your logo is an […]

Facebook updates: Trending topics and time of day

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Here we are again – another day and another Facebook update. Late last week, Facebook announced two new updates that will make the stories on your newsfeed more timely. Update #1: Trending topics This update will show stories about trending topics higher up on the newsfeed. This means when people open Facebook, they will immediately […]

Get your scroll on: Let’s get comfortable with responsive design websites


The idea of having content “above the fold” was a logical way to design years ago when the Internet was in its infancy and everyone was using the same size computer; but that was the ‘90s. Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of screen sizes. Most of us personally own several different sized screens! […]

Bridging the gap: How content marketing can help attract young employees

Human resource concept

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Now think about your recruitment marketing plan. Is it failing to attract the candidates you want? Then avoid insanity and change. Gen Z, Millennials (Gen Y) and even Generation X are not going to respond to your dated […]

Too boring to be online? Use these 6 conversation starters


I have heard it and some of you have said it, “Our company is too boring to be online.” This is not true. Every company has the opportunity to produce quality, engaging content. In my opinion, companies that are in “boring” industries who utilize content marketing and social media are the most interesting brands to […]

Top 3 challenges in content marketing and how to fix them


Congratulations! If you are facing content marketing challenges, that means you have started to invest in content marketing – and that is worth a round of applause! Content marketing is the best form of marketing, and that is not just my bias; check out these statistics: Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and […]

Marketing lessons from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point


I about to admit something to all of you that I have just recently admitted to myself; I am a book collector. No. Not the cool kind of collector that has first editions and signed copies. I am a book collector because I adore buying books, but then fail to read them. Please, tell me […]

International Picnic Day 2014

Picnic Day Infographic

Are you a picnic lover? Did you know that today is International Picnic Day? Check out this just-for-fun infographic we put together to get you in the mood for a picnic today. Share with your friends and tell us: where is your favorite place to picnic?