Staying hip: The best examples of timely content marketing

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Successful content marketing requires a mix of planning and spontaneity. You need to create your content calendar to keep yourself on track with your strategy and day-to-day planning and you need to react to current events to prove your brand is more than just scheduled posts; it is up-to-date, relevant and interesting. We have written […]

The do’s and don’ts of #hashtags

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If you don’t understand hashtags, you are not alone. When talking about social media with business owners there is one question I get more than others – what’s up with hashtags? 3 reasons to use hashtags Search People often used Twitter’s search feature to look up certain topics (social media, education, graphic design, etc.) and […]

What’s hot in visual marketing: 2015


Not all visuals are created equal. While visual content plays a huge role in making your marketing efforts more effective, some visuals are hotter than others. In an effort to keep you hip and your visuals up-to-date, Shutterstock released its 2015 Creative Trends report this month. We were digging the great information, so we put […]

The original content marketers: 2 products that paved the way for content marketing

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I love John Deere as much as the next Minnesotan, but as a content marketer, I am exhausted of hearing John Deere’s customer magazine used as the original content marketing example. Yes, The Furrow (publication started 1895) was a first of its kind, but was it the most interesting? There are plenty of other examples […]

4 quick content management tips for small businesses

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Between blogs, social media, website updates, e-newsletters and printed content, there is no doubt that content management is hard and getting more difficult with every new medium that pops up. While large businesses have the luxury of a marketing team, many small businesses have a “team” of one person. Sound familiar? If so, know there […]

Creating the effortless experience

Never half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing

Last week I presented you with some shocking stats about customer service; the lesson to be learned was that less is so much more. While viral stories make customer service professionals believe customers want their expectations exceeded, the research shows that customers simply want their problem resolved as quickly as possible, with the least amount […]