Get your scroll on: Let’s get comfortable with responsive design websites


The idea of having content “above the fold” was a logical way to design years ago when the Internet was in its infancy and everyone was using the same size computer; but that was the ‘90s. Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of screen sizes. Most of us personally own several different sized screens! […]

Bridging the gap: How content marketing can help attract young employees

Human resource concept

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Now think about your recruitment marketing plan. Is it failing to attract the candidates you want? Then avoid insanity and change. Gen Z, Millennials (Gen Y) and even Generation X are not going to respond to your dated […]

Too boring to be online? Use these 6 conversation starters


I have heard it and some of you have said it, “Our company is too boring to be online.” This is not true. Every company has the opportunity to produce quality, engaging content. In my opinion, companies that are in “boring” industries who utilize content marketing and social media are the most interesting brands to […]

Top 3 challenges in content marketing and how to fix them


Congratulations! If you are facing content marketing challenges, that means you have started to invest in content marketing – and that is worth a round of applause! Content marketing is the best form of marketing, and that is not just my bias; check out these statistics: Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and […]

Marketing lessons from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point


I about to admit something to all of you that I have just recently admitted to myself; I am a book collector. No. Not the cool kind of collector that has first editions and signed copies. I am a book collector because I adore buying books, but then fail to read them. Please, tell me […]

International Picnic Day 2014

Picnic Day Infographic

Are you a picnic lover? Did you know that today is International Picnic Day? Check out this just-for-fun infographic we put together to get you in the mood for a picnic today. Share with your friends and tell us: where is your favorite place to picnic?

Personalize for your target audience with social media in mind

thought bubbles

Your audience is not everywhere and you don’t need to be either. Even the most social savvy target audiences are not using every channel equally; so don’t waste your time and resources trying to be on every channel. Define your audience and select the social channels that make the most sense; then, focus on personalizing […]

LinkedIn: Goodbye Products and Services


Facebook isn’t the only one making changes to its layout and brand page offerings. LinkedIn recently announced that it is changing its Company Pages as of April 14, 2014.LinkedIn has decided to remove the Product and Services tab; companies will no longer be able to utilize that area to list their offerings (until that date, […]

Facebook Pages update: New layout


Yep. Another update. But, like the reach update earlier this month, this one is beneficial. Facebook is currently rolling out a new look for Pages and it is more logical and user-friendly than the old one. The following changes will be coming soon to your Facebook Page: New feature: Pages to Watch This addition is […]

Do’s and don’ts of small business branding


The United States loves small businesses; in fact, the Pew Foundation found that 71% of Americans view small businesses more favorably than any other institutions, including religious organizations. In addition to popularity, small businesses also have the benefit of flexibility – you can choose how to run your business without corporate breathing down your neck. […]