4 Ps of marketing meet 4 Cs of digital marketing

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Plain and simple: we live in a digital world. So, it’s no surprise new marketing strategies have emerged in order to adapt to our ever-changing digital marketplace. According to #Socialnomics 2014, only 14% of consumers believe or trust advertising, while a whopping 93% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. It’s time to […]

Why social media is here to stay

social media cloud

Erik Qualman, founder of Socialnomics, recently released his fifth video in the Socialnomics Series, and its findings are not only staggering but also a reminder that social media is here to stay. Here’s why: Social media: not just for the young We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you’re not on social […]

Developing your social media brand voice

Brand Identity

Social media is about having authentic conversations with real people, and not just looking at them as potential dollar signs. Trust us, audiences are smart and they can tell when you’re being disingenuous. Your audience wants to have a connection with you. They even get excited about it and will most likely tell their friends! […]

What Valentine’s Day can teach us about online marketing


This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day! And while I don’t have any helpful hints for last-minute gifts, it’s important to note that Valentine’s Day is one of the highest grossing holidays of the year (roughly $13 billion is spent annually on gifts). Crazy, I know. With numbers like those, it begs the question: how are businesses […]

Small business marketing resolutions

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

It’s hard to believe the New Year is right around the corner. Eek! Worried about your 2014 marketing plan? Don’t be. Hit the ground running with these small business marketing resolutions. Implement content marketing The marketing gods have officially decreed content marketing works! Just this year it went from a buzzword to an official mainstream […]

Fall back into great writing: 5 tips to re-energize your content


With the hustle and bustle of back to school, and getting those last minute projects completed before winter comes, I thought this would be the perfect time to reintroduce some great writing tips. Sharpen your pencils, grab your white out and put on your thinking cap, school is back in session! Find your voice Most […]