Jodi Osmond was a summer intern for Allée and is now an account executive at Strother Communications Group. She is a proud Wisconsinite living in Minneapolis with a love for biking, bikram and boating.

Time flies: What I’ve learned from Allée

Oh, how the time flies! Three short months ago I jumped on board the Allée ship as the social media and community engagement intern. Since then I have gained a wealth of knowledge and have had the chance to get my hands on an assortment of tasks. Through previous internships, I’ve been able to dabble […]

Consumer tendencies of Generation Y

Social media and the digital world is inherently entwined in the lives of Generation Y. I can remember getting my first computer in the mid 1990s. A bulky desktop, hooked up to a million cables and wires. The possibilities, it seemed, were endless with this machine. Little did I know that this computer and what […]

How much influence does the media have?

PR professionals use social media every day to promote clients, to communicate and engage with audiences and to respond to questions or issues. It’s no secret that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites have become important tools in a PR pro’s comprehensive tool box. I like to call this new tool box, PR 2.0. […]

The many uses of social media: Conversation, debate and support

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been attributed with, literally, changing the way the world communicates. They’ve connected people from across the world and given a voice to the voiceless. These sites provide ways for everyone from celebrities to politicians to the average Joe to share their thoughts and reactions about world […]

A List: Pitching tips from the pros

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We’ve all been there: Writing a press release and figuring out where and how to pitch it to receive the best coverage for your client. Adding in and taking out information to most effectively grab a journalist’s attention. Well, we got in touch with Star Tribune reporter Jeff Strickler and Sacramento Bee journalist Dale Kasler, […]