What it takes to define your target market

Target Audience

Today’s world is noisy – and smart. Consumers and businesses have a wealth of information and research at their disposal every second of the day. Businesses are challenged with navigating through the ‘noise’ and reaching their client base. It takes consistency and creativity to stand out among other brands. Planning your marketing strategy appropriately saves both […]

Double talk: How to keep multiple audiences in mind when it comes to your brand

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Many companies and organizations have two (or more) distinct audiences when it comes to their brands’ messages. Knowing your target markets and speaking to their needs, all while being true to your brand voice and goals, is a challenge. Branding for multiple audiences requires individualized strategies. In all cases, consistency remains key: know what sets […]

The power of personal connection

photo by Dominik Gwarek

One never knows when a personal touch will make a lasting impact and a sustained relationship. Tonight, that personal touch was pivotal. Two businesses have gained my loyalty and infinite referral – just by following up. My week included two rather significant happenings: a hospital visit and a sulfur-like smell in the house. Two separate […]

Responsive web design: a future that is now

Image courtesy of MarkupBox.com

What’s the latest buzz for online digital marketing? Responsive design, a web design approach that mirrors the same website for all viewing experiences: handheld, tablet, laptop, desktop. In short, it’s all about the design and how it works on all devices – seamlessly and at minimum cost. What to consider for responsive web design When considering […]

Marketing to younger audiences: Where’s your audience and what do they want?


Earlier this year, Encyclopedia Brittanica announced they will no longer print their volume of encyclopedias. At our house, the conversation went something like this: Kids: Did you ever have to use those books? Me: Yes. Kids: Why didn’t you just use Wikipedia? Me: It wasn’t an option. Kids: NO WAY! Seriously?? I’m ancient. I know. Webster’s […]

4 easy steps to launch a website


Building a new website or revamping an existing website is exciting! It’s a presence – and definitely a process. Design, content, optimization, interactions, calls to action… there’s so much to consider. In the end, it’s really about reaching your audience and making sure they can find you. Here’s some key steps to keep in mind before […]

Using video for business: Simple, short, smart

making video

Are you using video to tell your company’s story? Video allows a personal connection that goes beyond plain text. It shows who you are as a company and can be extremely easy to do. The latest stats prove it: nearly 85% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in April 2012. Video is just […]

Design your personal brand


Brands surround us. Our world is filled with products and services created by millions of brands from Nike to Target to our neighborhood Hardware Hank. Athletes carry a brand. Companies create brands. It’s an identity. Brands project an image, create a presence, demonstrate confidence. They invite members, clients, businesses, and consumers to engage. Good brands foster relationships. […]

5 ways using video can help your small business


Video Killed the Radio Star. A new era for music: the visual dimension. Flashback to early 80s – MTV’s debut. Thousands of viewers glued to their TVs to catch that favorite video. (Who can forget Thriller??) Professional productions or home-made reels, video captures audiences for simple instructional how-to demos, sports replays, news snip-its, topics of interest. It’s a great […]

Grow your small business using Facebook Timeline

grow your small business

I’m a creature of habit. Each day, I realize more and more how my days mirror one another. The time I wake up seems to get earlier to capture “quiet” time and organize my day. Then, I’m off and running: Exercise, kids on the bus, work (at which the hours seem to disappear into minutes), back home to make dinner, activities, […]

How a content marketing consultant can benefit your small businesses

Nonprofit Marketing Services

It starts with an idea, a need. Products and services satisfy needs. Clients begin identifying brands with their need. The Challenge: reaching consumers and convincing them that it’s YOUR product or service they need. What strategy should small businesses use? In-house experts and staff? A content marketing consultant? It’s a great question. I recently read Walter Isaacson’s […]

Website design: Make it remarkable

responsive website design

Plotting out a website that is responsive, compelling and engaging – that’s the goal. Whether you are making updates to your website or creating it from scratch, keeping your clients coming back is the ultimate success.  Dave Yankowiak, Web designer and owner of Lift Development, gives us his advice on the design and must-have’s to build […]

Trends in website design: Responsive web, mobile and image quality


Website design trends are in constant motion. Options, features, analytics and search capability allow businesses and organizations to get their brand to their intended audience within minutes – virtually! Allée frequently teams with Dave Yankowiak from Lift Development to create informative, engaging and compelling websites. So, we asked Dave to share his expertise on web design in […]

Mobile marketing tips and success stories

Mobile Marketing

Marketing campaigns are designed to support and propel your business strategy. Brand recognition, customer loyalty and consumer reach are achieved through several mediums: direct mailings, print ads, sponsorships, discounts, promotions…the list goes on. And if you haven’t already, you must also consider mobile marketing. Mobile messages are immediate and specific to the recipient. Mobile advertisements not […]

Optimize your website for mobile marketing

Cell phones

Mobile marketing is soaring. Smartphones. iPads. Tablets. Laptops and computers are quickly being set aside for smaller, more convenient, easy-to-take-with you devices. Even the Kindle downloads apps for games, shopping and managing your stocks. Being connected throughout the day has become a way of society — an expectation, an addiction, a need. The convenience is […]