5 marketing predictions for 2012: Who will survive?

2012 marketing predictions

The year 2012 will prove big for businesses that embrace a mix of both new and traditional marketing strategies. Social media still remains a large part of an organization’s success as does content, authenticity and the ability to take risks. How will businesses fare in the coming year? What marketing trends will move organizations to […]

What I learned in 2011

In two days, we’ll welcome a new year. For me, the change is exciting–full of promise and new beginnings. Sometimes I set personal resolutions, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I do always like to reflect on the year that has passed and think about what I’ve learned. In my personal life, this typically comes in the […]

5 steps for successful design projects

Steps for Successful Design

  New design projects can be fun and exciting. Fresh content, new colors, solid designs that reflect the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish. But design projects can also run wild without careful planning in order to deliver the right end-product on time and within budget. I work on a lot of design projects […]

Create value with membership marketing

Membership Marketing

Membership marketing–the process of acquiring, engaging and retaining members–is the cornerstone for associations and member-based organizations. It is also a very challenging task. Now is the time to start thinking about your goals for 2012 and what you want your association or member-based organization to look like in the coming years. Will you be able […]

Integrate your marketing in 2012

Now is the time of year when everyone comes out with their version of predictions for marketing in 2012. I recently read Gini Dietrich‘s “8 Social Media Trends for 2012” and while it was a great piece (and I love Gini), I did raise an eyebrow at her third choice: Integration of all disciplines. “Today […]

Introducing Allée’s new website

It’s time to introduce Allée’s new website! We have been working hard on this project during the past two months and are excited to finally see it “go live” today. If you take a peek around, you’ll notice easy contact forms, a new, free eBook and blog articles that sit right on our home page. […]

Content marketing steps to take today

magnifying glass

If you’re not immersed in the marketing industry day in and day out, you may be unfamiliar with content marketing. And if you’re wondering what content marketing is, this post serves as a place to get your feet wet and learn more about it. What is content marketing? Simply put, content marketing is jargon we […]

Using Twitter for networking

I am presenting “Using Twitter (and other social media tools) for Networking” at the Twin Cities Media Alliance’s Fall Forum on Saturday, November 12. For those who are unable to attend the event (which is free and open to the public), or for those who just like to have copies of the presentation and resources, […]

Can market segmentation go too far?

As a marketing professional, you’ll often hear me talk about segmenting your market and drilling down to figure out who it really is you’re trying to reach. Recently, Dr. Pepper took their target market research to the extreme and, after finding that men were not keen on diet drinks (the drinks were not “manly” enough), […]

Marketing: Hire it out or do it yourself?

outsourcing marketing

I often work with many organizations that don’t always have marketing departments (or may have one person on staff wearing multiple hats, marketing included). So when is it appropriate to keep your marketing in-house and when should you hire out your marketing? Here are five suggestions: 1. Leave design work to professionals Microsoft Word is […]

Facebook statistics for retail brands: An infographic on customer engagement

Facebook Infographic

Some of the most useful statistics regarding social media use and online consumer trends came from the Nielsen State of the Media: Social Media Report Q3 (2011). In America, more time is spent on Facebook than on any other website. Likewise, Hitwise found that for every one Facebook “like,” a consumer will visit a retailer’s […]

Poor editing ruins marketing

Last week, I received two flyers in the mail from two different pizza joints in town. Neither was new to the area, but one had recently changed its name and the other now had new ownership (and a new location). The first flyer listed the business’s “new” website which, when I went to look it […]

A List: Six considerations for business planning

On Tuesday, August 9, we held our first B4: Small Business Workshop focused on business planning. It was a great two and a half hours of learning, conversation and networking. Here is a brief recap of the areas we covered–the six considerations for business planning, if you will: 1. Plan Planning, whether business plans, marketing […]

A List: 5 things you can’t control in public relations

Today’s A List is courtesy of a little media “oh no!” moment I experienced a week ago. As you may know, Allée recently launched a new educational series (B4: Small Business Workshops) and as such, we’ve been focused internally on some media relations and PR of our own. I have to say that, in the […]

The 24 Hours Unplugged Challenge

Could you go an entire day without your smart phone, computer, iPad, iPod or TV? On Sunday, July 31, a host of my colleagues and friends took the Unplugged Project’s 24 Hours Unplugged Challenge. They put down their smartphones, turned off their computers and enjoyed a day without being “tuned in” every single minute. Now, I’m sure […]

A List: 10 reasons why YOU need to attend the upcoming B4: Small Business Workshops

The B4: Small Business Workshops series begins August 9 in Albertville. Don’t let the name fool you: the series is for any business leader (or prospective leaders) in small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations. Here is why you need to attend: 10. Breakfast is the most important part of the day. 9. Groups are fun. […]

No plan? Beware of the crash.

Yesterday, in my haste to get the kids to daycare and off to my first appointment of the day (after we all woke up late), I ran the side of my mini van into the side of our garage. That’s right. I had an accident in my own garage. Now, after you stop laughing at […]