About Shannon Neeser

Shannon Neeser is a content specialist at Allée and serves on the Board of Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communication as the social media chair. She has a major in English with a minor in creative writing and business writing. Shannon is an avid volunteer for nonprofits in the community; she also has a fondness for punctuation, social media and clever diagrams.

Twitter’s new ‘do

NEW Twitter

Unless you’ve been completely distracted by the fresh spring air this week, you probably noticed something interesting happening on Twitter (beyond the usual barrage of interesting updates from all your favorite microblogging tweeps, that is). Twitter has a whole new look! Twitter’s new look seems to be for all those Facebook users who just can’t [...]

Content is king, but only if it’s good

chess image

We’ve all heard it: Content is king. But what does that mean? It rules? OK. Maybe. But not all kings are created equal. Like an effective king, your content needs to be more than a figurehead. A good king understands what the people need, why he should give it to them, how and if it’s [...]

Keeping tabs on your brand: 3 online tools to use


I know, you’ve got a lot going on. You’re busy getting the message out about your business, and probably also working to keep your clients and customers satisfied. How are you supposed to find the time to keep up with what others are saying about you online? First of all, no excuses; you DO need [...]

Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s content strategy


Content marketing is about creating a conversation and a connection with donors and the community. Sending the right message on the right channels is essential for creating those connections in this digital age. You know your nonprofit needs a content strategy to step out ahead of the competition. You know what you need to do [...]

Tracking ROI of social media


Are you collecting Twitter followers and Facebook fans? It probably feels good when you see those numbers inch up and up. It might seem like your growing audience is the measure of social media success, but when it comes down to it, those aren’t the numbers that really matter. When we talk about social media [...]

Creating email content they’ll opt-in to


Let me guess, you get a lot of emails in your inbox from brands that you’d rather not open. Am I right? My inbox is the same way. Recently, instead of just deleting the slew of emails that show up every day, I took the time to open them, not to read them, but to [...]

How to set your brand a part from the competition


Every business owner wants their company to stand out from the competition. To successfully set your brand apart, you need to understand your differentiators. Those differentiators can be found by defining your target market, competition, niche and position. Getting noticed in the crowd is going to mean prioritizing your marketing efforts. Ask yourself a few [...]

What every business owner should know about social media


There’s no arguing that social media is a popular marketing tool. Everyone can use social media, but not everyone is using it well. Before you go social, there are few things every business owner should know about social media. It takes strategy Social media marketing is not going to work for you without a comprehensive [...]

The best of social media: Conversations from the week

me and brutas

Social media moves quickly, and unfortunately, with so much content, we probably miss more of the good stuff than we can catch. Well, here’s a new one we wanted to be sure you didn’t miss last week. The “Felfie” This one, I love. Born and raised on a farm, I love seeing my current passion, [...]

Twitter strategies for awesome conversation


So, you’re on Twitter, great! Now, don’t just let the tweets stream by, join in on the conversation and likewise, get awesome conversations started. Engaging in conversation on Twitter is an excellent way for your business or brand to get name recognition and establish yourself as an expert. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing [...]