What it takes to define your target market

Target Audience

Today’s world is noisy – and smart. Consumers and businesses have a wealth of information and research at their disposal every second of the day. Businesses are challenged with navigating through the ‘noise’ and reaching their client base. It takes consistency and creativity to stand out among other brands. Planning your marketing strategy appropriately saves both […]

RWD: By the numbers


If you still have a mobile website that is separate from your full website, you are inconveniencing your users and working too hard. Several years ago when Internet access on a phone was still a (slow) luxury, mobile sites provided users what they needed, but now, that is just not the case. For most people, […]

Multi-purpose logo design

Logo tips infographic

These days, it’s not feasible to have one version of your logo. In an age of digital media, traditional marketing and broadcast options, it’s important to have many logo variations and think about your intended use (and longevity) before jumping in to logo design. File types The best file format for your logo is an […]

Double talk: How to keep multiple audiences in mind when it comes to your brand

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Many companies and organizations have two (or more) distinct audiences when it comes to their brands’ messages. Knowing your target markets and speaking to their needs, all while being true to your brand voice and goals, is a challenge. Branding for multiple audiences requires individualized strategies. In all cases, consistency remains key: know what sets […]

Developing your social media brand voice

Brand Identity

Social media is about having authentic conversations with real people, and not just looking at them as potential dollar signs. Trust us, audiences are smart and they can tell when you’re being disingenuous. Your audience wants to have a connection with you. They even get excited about it and will most likely tell their friends! […]

4 must-have components for a successful content strategy


Content marketing is not an up-and-coming trend; it’s what your company needs now. Traditional marketing has been rendered almost ineffective and, in many ways, advertisements have become synonymous with spam; in fact, according to the Roper Public Affairs, 80 percent of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an […]

Do’s and don’ts of small business branding


The United States loves small businesses; in fact, the Pew Foundation found that 71% of Americans view small businesses more favorably than any other institutions, including religious organizations. In addition to popularity, small businesses also have the benefit of flexibility – you can choose how to run your business without corporate breathing down your neck. […]

How to set your brand a part from the competition


Every business owner wants their company to stand out from the competition. To successfully set your brand apart, you need to understand your differentiators. Those differentiators can be found by defining your target market, competition, niche and position. Getting noticed in the crowd is going to mean prioritizing your marketing efforts. Ask yourself a few […]

Got taglines?


I saw a sign the other day on an old laundromat in my neighborhood that asked passersby “Got Laundry?” and I immediately thought of milk. Is that weird? Not really. “Got Milk?” was a brilliant and simple tagline that worked. It worked so well that it’s one of the most parodied taglines out there, which explains […]