Google’s new rule: Be mobile-friendly

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  There have long been rumors that Google search prefers mobile-friendly websites (or responsive design), but it is official; on April 21, 2015 Google started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher on mobile devices, especially on smartphones. The details According to ComScore, 60% of online traffic is generated by mobile devices. And during holiday season, that same […]

What’s hot in visual marketing: 2015


Not all visuals are created equal. While visual content plays a huge role in making your marketing efforts more effective, some visuals are hotter than others. In an effort to keep you hip and your visuals up-to-date, Shutterstock released its 2015 Creative Trends report this month. We were digging the great information, so we put […]

RWD: By the numbers


If you still have a mobile website that is separate from your full website, you are inconveniencing your users and working too hard. Several years ago when Internet access on a phone was still a (slow) luxury, mobile sites provided users what they needed, but now, that is just not the case. For most people, […]

4 easy font pairing ideas

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Typography is a huge part of graphic design and not just on tumblr in the form of inspirational quotes. Type matters on all of your marketing materials. But how do you make your typography look professional? If you have ever experimented with typography, you know it is more than just picking random fonts. There are […]

Multi-purpose logo design

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These days, it’s not feasible to have one version of your logo. In an age of digital media, traditional marketing and broadcast options, it’s important to have many logo variations and think about your intended use (and longevity) before jumping in to logo design. File types The best file format for your logo is an […]

Get your scroll on: Let’s get comfortable with responsive design websites


The idea of having content “above the fold” was a logical way to design years ago when the Internet was in its infancy and everyone was using the same size computer; but that was the ‘90s. Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of screen sizes. Most of us personally own several different sized screens! […]

3 ways to move your small business forward in 2013


I started my small business in 2006, and it hasn’t always been easy to focus on the business rather than working in the business. Client work always comes first, but through deliberate effort, I’ve managed to re-brand and grow my business significantly during the past 6+ years. And I want the same for you. Here are 3 ways you […]

What tops your 2013 marketing budget? Start with these 4 trends.


Oh how time flies! We are well into the year, so that means it is time to assess your 2013 marketing budget. Studies show that 89.1% of marketing executives planned on maintaining or increasing their marketing budget this year, so let’s make sure that money is being put to good use! The following are a […]

Responsive web design: a future that is now

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What’s the latest buzz for online digital marketing? Responsive design, a web design approach that mirrors the same website for all viewing experiences: handheld, tablet, laptop, desktop. In short, it’s all about the design and how it works on all devices – seamlessly and at minimum cost. What to consider for responsive web design When considering […]

How to pack a punch with successful branding


Brand is more than a logo. It’s a personality. It’s value. It’s the bond to your members or consumers. Most importantly, it keeps you and your organization top of mind. Branding is expanding beyond a visual icon. How recognizable is your company’s brand? What services or products do you represent? Does your audience connect your […]