10 tricks for keeping your $**t organized


Staying organized in today’s tricky marketing world can be…let’s face it, sometimes impossible. Here are 10 tricks for keeping your marketing organized and in check. 1. Use an editorial content calendar I like to think of an editorial content calendar similar to my marathon training calendar. I write down the mileage for each day, but […]

Get it to go: Make your design and content work for the new mobile web


When you visit a website with your smartphone, you love that you have to scroll all the way across the top of the site and pick through paragraph after paragraph of content to find what you were looking for, right? Even better are the tiny links crammed together so you keep tapping on the wrong […]

4 tips to consumerize your B2B marketing


The lines between the business and consumer worlds are blurring. In the technology world, this manifests itself in what’s being called the “consumerization of IT” where popular consumer technologies (e.g. smartphones and apps) are bleeding into the enterprise. But this trend extends beyond IT and touches many facets of the business. And B2B marketing is […]

Five marketing strategies you should be using (that have nothing to do with social media)

Differentiate your marketing strategies by sending cake. Stand out.

All right, folks. We know that social media is the big “to do” currently, but while we’re spending all of our time doing that, what have we been missing out on? (Maybe a bit of personal, thoughtful interaction?) Here are five marketing strategies that you should be using (that don’t require likes, friends, followers or […]

The 5 “Cs” of business partnerships


As business professionals, we’re always trying to think of ways to enhance what we deliver to our customers. However, because of the overachiever in us, we tend think we have to make these enhancements ourselves. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. If we’d just take a minute to look around, we’d find companies that are […]

Play nice in the sandbox

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Collaboration is a requirement for nearly every communications project today. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the economy, with many individuals working as independents. Or perhaps it’s just a necessity of our ever-expanding field, both online and off. Whatever the cause, the list of experts, specialists and digital gurus on most projects can be quite extensive—brand […]