Video marketing for every brand. Even yours.

video marketing

Video marketing is on the rise, with the conversation shifting from companies simply looking for ways to host video content to now looking for the most effective content for overall investment. According to reports, 86% of brands will increase their video ad spending in the next year alone. Sixty-one percent of young executives say they […]

5 reasons social media isn’t working for you

frustrated social media

You’re jazzed about using social media for your business, but what’s up with the low engagement percentages or the lack of engagement your audience seems to have when you post an update? How can you get social media to work for your business? First, take a look at the following reasons why social media may […]

Simplified social media management for associations

social media management

I get it. Associations are built as resources for members and it’s not always in an organization’s comfort zone to offer free information when there are membership fees involved. However, with the rise in social media and digital content in general, associations that do not embrace this change in information dissemination will miss the mark […]

Staying hip: The best examples of timely content marketing

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Successful content marketing requires a mix of planning and spontaneity. You need to create your content calendar to keep yourself on track with your strategy and day-to-day planning and you need to react to current events to prove your brand is more than just scheduled posts; it is up-to-date, relevant and interesting. We have written […]

Justifying social media: Information you can share with your boss

Justifying Social Media

According to a recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “More than four out of five (81%) marketers agree that we need to change the structure and design of our marketing organization to meet the needs of our business over the next three to five years.” And I’m here to tell you that if you […]

Google’s new rule: Be mobile-friendly

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  There have long been rumors that Google search prefers mobile-friendly websites (or responsive design), but it is official; on April 21, 2015 Google started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher on mobile devices, especially on smartphones. The details According to ComScore, 60% of online traffic is generated by mobile devices. And during holiday season, that same […]

What it takes to define your target market

Target Audience

Today’s world is noisy – and smart. Consumers and businesses have a wealth of information and research at their disposal every second of the day. Businesses are challenged with navigating through the ‘noise’ and reaching their client base. It takes consistency and creativity to stand out among other brands. Planning your marketing strategy appropriately saves both […]