Google’s new rule: Be mobile-friendly

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  There have long been rumors that Google search prefers mobile-friendly websites (or responsive design), but it is official; on April 21, 2015 Google started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher on mobile devices, especially on smartphones. The details According to ComScore, 60% of online traffic is generated by mobile devices. And during holiday season, that same […]

What it takes to define your target market

Target Audience

Today’s world is noisy – and smart. Consumers and businesses have a wealth of information and research at their disposal every second of the day. Businesses are challenged with navigating through the ‘noise’ and reaching their client base. It takes consistency and creativity to stand out among other brands. Planning your marketing strategy appropriately saves both […]

What’s hot in visual marketing: 2015


Not all visuals are created equal. While visual content plays a huge role in making your marketing efforts more effective, some visuals are hotter than others. In an effort to keep you hip and your visuals up-to-date, Shutterstock released its 2015 Creative Trends report this month. We were digging the great information, so we put […]

Online marketing measurement: Understanding the vocabulary

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Do you have a process for analyzing your online marketing tactics? This year, make an effort to boost the time spent on your online marketing measurement–blogs, websites, downloadable content and social media–in order to drive business growth. Not sure where to start? I’ve compiled a short list of online marketing measurement terms defined in a […]

The original content marketers: 2 products that paved the way for content marketing

Marketing target

I love John Deere as much as the next Minnesotan, but as a content marketer, I am exhausted of hearing John Deere’s customer magazine used as the original content marketing example. Yes, The Furrow (publication started 1895) was a first of its kind, but was it the most interesting? There are plenty of other examples […]

4 quick content management tips for small businesses

"Get organized" written in market

Between blogs, social media, website updates, e-newsletters and printed content, there is no doubt that content management is hard and getting more difficult with every new medium that pops up. While large businesses have the luxury of a marketing team, many small businesses have a “team” of one person. Sound familiar? If so, know there […]

Planning for 2015: The elements of your content marketing plan

2015 calendar

Do you have a documented content marketing strategy? According to Content Marketing Institute, marketers with a documented content marketing plan consider themselves more effective with each communication channel, including social media, and are able to justify a higher percentage of their marketing budget to be spent on content marketing. So while your company’s content marketing […]

Creating the effortless experience

Never half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing

Last week I presented you with some shocking stats about customer service; the lesson to be learned was that less is so much more. While viral stories make customer service professionals believe customers want their expectations exceeded, the research shows that customers simply want their problem resolved as quickly as possible, with the least amount […]

When traditional marketing meets online marketing


Many times, when we talk about “traditional marketing,” we’re talking about printed pieces, billboards, newspaper ads, etc. If you think back to when your organization started its marketing strategy, you can probably recall the quarterly newsletter that went out or the advertising contracts you had with monthly magazines. And you may very well have those […]

4 Ps of marketing meet 4 Cs of digital marketing

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Plain and simple: we live in a digital world. So, it’s no surprise new marketing strategies have emerged in order to adapt to our ever-changing digital marketplace. According to #Socialnomics 2014, only 14% of consumers believe or trust advertising, while a whopping 93% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. It’s time to […]

Video marketing demystified

video clip board

If the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taught us one thing, it should be that anyone can create a video, from celebrities to my brother to your brand. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge offered the content idea, and with that, videos popped up on Facebook and YouTube from all directions. Did you make one? How many […]