How to set up a mobile marketing plan


Welcome to 2013, where customers determine the platforms and marketers are obligated to follow. With 87% of American adults being cell phone owners and 29% of Americans checking their phones as soon as they get up and right before bed, it is becoming clear to businesses that their audiences are going mobile. Thus, as the […]

Monster Loyalty: What Lady Gaga can teach businesses


Recently, I read Jackie Huba’s “Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics” published by Penguin Group earlier this year. Lady Gaga has experienced great success in her career and Huba connects that success not only to her raw talent, but also to her ability to create loyal fans with the community she has built […]

Quick take: Email marketing for small business [Infographic]

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes

Email is still the most used and effective marketing tool according to Target Marketing’s 2012 Media Usage Survey. Is your small business using email marketing to collect leads, demonstrate your expertise and engage with your customers? We developed the following infographic to demonstrate some key points on why email marketing is still an essential tool […]

Got taglines?


I saw a sign the other day on an old laundromat in my neighborhood that asked passersby “Got Laundry?” and I immediately thought of milk. Is that weird? Not really. “Got Milk?” was a brilliant and simple tagline that worked. It worked so well that it’s one of the most parodied taglines out there, which explains […]

Why more Facebook likes don’t equal better reach


Have you ever noticed that when you get together with your friends and family they aren’t necessarily fully informed on all the details that you’ve shared on Facebook? Have you ever gotten the “well, you should know, I posted it on Facebook,” (insert sad-face from a distant friend you’re finally catching up with face-to-face)? There […]

10 tricks for keeping your $**t organized


Staying organized in today’s tricky marketing world can be…let’s face it, sometimes impossible. Here are 10 tricks for keeping your marketing organized and in check. 1. Use an editorial content calendar I like to think of an editorial content calendar similar to my marathon training calendar. I write down the mileage for each day, but […]