Content marketing: The starting line for business


Content marketing is an important part in building a business, but what is it? Content marketing is a process of providing relevant information to your customers–to give them the information they seek–that in turn showcases your expertise and ultimately drives them to take action. Content marketing is like the first paragraph in a book, the […]

How to write a positioning statement for your brand

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Do you ever stumble over your words when someone asks you what you do or what your company does? Do you have your elevator pitch down to a short, 40-word snippet of information that succinctly lets people know who you are and what you offer? If your answer is no, don’t worry–you’re not the only […]

3 tips for your PR pitch follow up


I’m no journalist, but over the past decade, I’ve worked with quite a few while handling various PR projects for clients. So, I have a good sense of how overloaded journalists are when it comes to pitches. Press releases and pitch emails flood a journalist’s email on a daily basis; we’re talking hundreds of different messages pitching why “Client X” is the next best thing. So how do you follow up with your own pitch without seeming too eager?

5 recommendations for online PR tools


Every once in awhile, I come across a client who is looking for the golden ticket–a PR stint or cover story that will generate thousands of dollars in new business and immediate attention to their brand. As we all know, there is no Golden Ticket in life, but hard work and perseverance pays off. This […]

How a content marketing consultant can benefit your small businesses

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It starts with an idea, a need. Products and services satisfy needs. Clients begin identifying brands with their need. The Challenge: reaching consumers and convincing them that it’s YOUR product or service they need. What strategy should small businesses use? In-house experts and staff? A content marketing consultant? It’s a great question. I recently read Walter Isaacson’s […]

5 ways to generate a media list


At the beginning of this month, in my industry article for Allée’s e-news, I wrote a piece called PR is more than a press release about the importance of relationship building when it comes to developing your public relations strategy. I’m a huge advocate of networking, connecting and fostering relationships with others in the community. […]

Social media and PR: New State of the Media affects your brand

Facebook and Twitter Reach 2012

The State of the News Media 2012 was released this week by Pew Research Center and the findings prove a needed change in the way most companies communicate. And although you may not be in the business of generating news in the traditional sense, as a business, it’s imperative to keep tabs on the pulse […]

How much influence does the media have?

PR professionals use social media every day to promote clients, to communicate and engage with audiences and to respond to questions or issues. It’s no secret that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites have become important tools in a PR pro’s comprehensive tool box. I like to call this new tool box, PR 2.0. […]

A List: 5 things you can’t control in public relations

Today’s A List is courtesy of a little media “oh no!” moment I experienced a week ago. As you may know, Allée recently launched a new educational series (B4: Small Business Workshops) and as such, we’ve been focused internally on some media relations and PR of our own. I have to say that, in the […]

A List: Pitching tips from the pros

We’ve all been there: Writing a press release and figuring out where and how to pitch it to receive the best coverage for your client. Adding in and taking out information to most effectively grab a journalist’s attention. Well, we got in touch with Star Tribune reporter Jeff Strickler and Sacramento Bee journalist Dale Kasler, […]

Play nice in the sandbox

Collaboration is a requirement for nearly every communications project today. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the economy, with many individuals working as independents. Or perhaps it’s just a necessity of our ever-expanding field, both online and off. Whatever the cause, the list of experts, specialists and digital gurus on most projects can be quite extensive—brand […]