Top 10 quotes from #CMWorld 2013


Last week I spoke at Content Marketing World. The event was hands-down the best conference I have ever attended. From the caliber of break-out sessions and keynotes to the post-conference events and the time conference planners took to make sure everything took off without a hitch; amazing. Rather than just recap the session I presented […]

Understanding what customers want: Content that fuels their fire


Content marketing is all about creating or sharing interesting and useful content free of charge to customers or potential customers. It’s about having a conversation about a mutually interesting topic. But getting conversations going isn’t always easy if you aren’t sure what your customers want to talk about. To be effective, your content needs to […]

10 reasons social media isn’t working for you


You did it, you signed your small business up for a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account. But nothing’s happening. You haven’t gone viral. You’ve barely qualified to get Facebook Insights. Why isn’t social media working? First of all, going viral isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you consider all the content out […]