How to use Twitter for customer support


More than twice in the past week I’ve interacted with brands on Twitter to give feedback or make recommendations to friends. This is not uncommon. I’m at your business, I’m on my smartphone. If I have a good experience, I’ll tell my network. If I have a bad experience, I’ll tell my network. If I want something […]

The power of personal connection

photo by Dominik Gwarek

One never knows when a personal touch will make a lasting impact and a sustained relationship. Tonight, that personal touch was pivotal. Two businesses have gained my loyalty and infinite referral – just by following up. My week included two rather significant happenings: a hospital visit and a sulfur-like smell in the house. Two separate […]

Content marketing trends for B2B (and how to implement them) – Part 2


After reading part one of this series, I am sure you were anxious to find out what tactics content marketers are using. Well, the wait is over! As promised, here are the top B2B content marketing tactics. #1 The average marketer is using 12 content marketing tactics That is an intimidating number, especially for small […]

Going green: 10 ways to recycle content


Recycling isn’t just for the environment anymore. Recycling old content is a means of capitalizing on previously successful topics through rewording, remixing, and using different forms of media.  When done well, recycling content can help you save time and improve engagement. 10 simple ways you can make old content new again 1. Write an Ebook […]

Content marketing trends for B2B (and how to implement them) – Part 1


Content marketing is a crucial component of an effective marketing program for any company – B2B businesses included. In fact, according to a study by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 91% of B2B companies are using content marketing. Whether your company has a content marketing strategy or is planning on making one, here is […]

Social media meets voicemail


I’m starting to think there isn’t anything Facebook won’t take on. And why not? They’ve got over 900 million worldwide users who expect a lot from the free social media platform. The addition of Messenger to the Facebook toolbox is making communication faster and adding functionality. They’ve already introduced video chat and now, Facebook has reached out into voicemail with TalkBox Voice […]

How to: Make your content search friendly


Lately I’ve been finding the best Google results on the second page, maybe even the third. It makes me wonder what I’m missing. And it tells me a couple things. First, the companies creating good content are not necessarily creating searchable content. Second, companies that know how to get better SEO (search engine optimization) are not necessarily […]

Anatomy of a Twitter chat


I’ll admit it, when I first got onto Twitter, I was intimidated. But, I embraced it. I wanted to know what all the hype was about, so I dedicated myself to tweeting. It didn’t take long before I was lurking on Twitter chats, following the conversation without participating myself. When I sat down to participate in my […]

Why it pays to pay for social media strategy and content marketing


Social media is free right? So why would you pay someone else to help you manage it? Using social media is just like any other marketing tactic; you want to use the tools effectively and put an adequate amount of resources toward the cause. This can often mean hiring someone (internally or an outside firm) […]

What tops your 2013 marketing budget? Start with these 4 trends.


Oh how time flies! We are well into the year, so that means it is time to assess your 2013 marketing budget. Studies show that 89.1% of marketing executives planned on maintaining or increasing their marketing budget this year, so let’s make sure that money is being put to good use! The following are a […]