Why more Facebook likes don’t equal better reach


Have you ever noticed that when you get together with your friends and family they aren’t necessarily fully informed on all the details that you’ve shared on Facebook? Have you ever gotten the “well, you should know, I posted it on Facebook,” (insert sad-face from a distant friend you’re finally catching up with face-to-face)? There […]

Twitter marketing how-to


115 million. This is the number of active Twitter users every month according to a study done by Statistic Brain on May 7, 2013. That is a huge number. Why wouldn’t want to market your business on Twitter? Maybe you do not understand the social media phenomenon, or technology is not your thing; but it is definitely worth […]

My break from Facebook


I took a break from Facebook this week. For some, this may not seem like a huge deal; it was for me. Considering that I own a content marketing firm, a huge portion of our work is done online (and that includes a lot of time spent on Facebook). So, while my break from the […]

Why small businesses are failing (and what to do about it)


I’m tired of small business owners with the “woe is me attitude.” There, I said it. I spend hours talking with business owners about the importance of breaking the mold, of going where their competition hasn’t been–of creating change. They nod, in what seems to be an understanding, and then they keep on keeping on […]

How not to have a social media meltdown: What we can learn from Amy’s Baking Company


If you’ve been online at all last week, you’ve probably heard of Amy’s Baking Company. There was a bit of a social media meltdown. A meltdown so severe, actually, that it has prompted them to claim they were hacked and host a grand reopening in hopes of offsetting some of the damage done. The meltdown followed Gordon Ramsay featuring Amy’s […]

Who’s your audience? 5 elements of a digital marketing campaign

digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing requires more work than simply sending out an email or posting on Facebook. Like a print campaign, you need to complete a marketing strategy before creating content. If you want to avoid a frustrating, unsuccessful digital marketing campaign, follow the steps below to create a simple, but effective, strategy. 1. Decide on your […]

How to use Twitter for customer support


More than twice in the past week I’ve interacted with brands on Twitter to give feedback or make recommendations to friends. This is not uncommon. I’m at your business, I’m on my smartphone. If I have a good experience, I’ll tell my network. If I have a bad experience, I’ll tell my network. If I want something […]

The power of personal connection

photo by Dominik Gwarek

One never knows when a personal touch will make a lasting impact and a sustained relationship. Tonight, that personal touch was pivotal. Two businesses have gained my loyalty and infinite referral – just by following up. My week included two rather significant happenings: a hospital visit and a sulfur-like smell in the house. Two separate […]

Content marketing trends for B2B (and how to implement them) – Part 2


After reading part one of this series, I am sure you were anxious to find out what tactics content marketers are using. Well, the wait is over! As promised, here are the top B2B content marketing tactics. #1 The average marketer is using 12 content marketing tactics That is an intimidating number, especially for small […]

Going green: 10 ways to recycle content


Recycling isn’t just for the environment anymore. Recycling old content is a means of capitalizing on previously successful topics through rewording, remixing, and using different forms of media.  When done well, recycling content can help you save time and improve engagement. 10 simple ways you can make old content new again 1. Write an Ebook […]