Original post by Pamela Muldoon on the Content Marketing World website:

With so many options to create and share content, the process of integrating content marketing into your organization can feel pretty overwhelming. Getting past the overwhelm and into smart strategy and time management are key if your business is going to implement a strong content marketing plan. Enter Melissa Harrison of  Allée to the rescue!  Melissa was the perfect content marketing professional to take on the conversation of managing the creation, implementation and sharing of content for small business.

While the interview is packed with tips, here are things I found especially notable in the first part of my conversation with Melissa:

  • Get focused:  Too many organizations want to share all of their products or services up front, but this can cause information overload for your prospects. Instead, tighten up what your niche area really is and create compelling, engaging, informative content for that audience.  Less is truly more.
  • Choose platforms wisely:  Too often the “shiny object syndrome” hits our clients and they find themselves on all the major social platforms but without a real strategy or method of consistency.  Melissa gives us permission to focus our resources on the 1, 2 or 3 platforms that make the most sense for our audience.  Get really good and efficient at these before adding more!
  • Set up calendars:  Getting the entire organization onto the same page is critical.  Setting up content or editorial calendars are key to organizing your content, visually seeing how it all lays out and intersects and allows your team to be proactive with ideas.

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