Pamela Muldoon of Content360 Radio recently shared part of her conversation with Melissa Harrison, CEO at Allée, on advice and tips on how to get organized and focused with your content marketing plan as part of the Content Marketing Institute blog.

When you want to develop a plan, not only do you need to be organized, but you also need to be creative. Here are 3 highlights from the second part of Pamela’s conversation with Melissa:

  • Content needs to connect to the sales process: Understanding your sales process and the number of touch points it takes to convert a prospect into a client can help you with content development. Create content that connects to your buyer at each of these touch points for education and engagement.
  • Consistency is essential: If it takes 7 to 10 touches for a prospect to even notice your brand, being consistent with your message is critical.  Consistency is required in brand look, message and sharing with your audience on whichever platforms you are using.
  • You need to choose the right people: Asking yourself the tough questions will guide you to the answer of who should be implementing content for your organization.  Remembering that content is a big part of your marketing message means putting the right individuals in place that can voice your brand with accuracy and consistency.

Want the full interview? Read Part 2 of the transcript.