Website Services

How effective is your website?

Are you optimizing for search? For mobile?

Your website is your brand’s powerhouse; the most powerful tool for getting your message out there and connecting with potential customers.

Our team specializes in designing and building websites that reflect your brand, are optimized for search and keep the end user (your customers) in mind.

Our website services include:

New website development

Let us help you launch a new, more responsive website that appeals to your audience. We develop websites with the newest technology and methods for communicating in mind. That means, we have your audience’s best interest in mind and we design a sites that work for them–wherever they choose to interact with you. Our preferred website content management systems (CMS) is WordPress, enables you to quickly and easily update your own content. We also design website templates using Photoshop files if you prefer to use your own CMS or website developer.

Website audit

We’ll conduct a review of your current website, putting together a document that outlines your current reach, messaging and usability. Compared against your organization’s goals, we’ll prepare recommendations for your website going forward and give you insight to the current state of your site. Recommendations include key words and site map suggestions. We charge a one-time project fee for this service.

Website content creation

Based on your existing website or a website in progress (by us or another team) we provide fresh content for all of your site’s pages. Our website creation package also include suggested site maps (if not already established), key word research for maximizing SEO and blog creation/posting as needed. Monthly retainers or one-time service packages are available.

Website redesign

A combination of our website audit and website design services, our website redesign package includes content and key word research, an analysis of your existing website, recommendations for site map changes and the design of your new site. We are also able to provide full content solutions for all pages of your website based upon your current brand messaging needs.

Contact us for your next website project or request a proposal to see an estimate of costs.