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Allee Creative is a marketing and branding services company that provides successful planning and implementation in areas of marketing strategy, content, branding, and online communication.

Allée: A path lined with trees.

That is the literal meaning of our name. Our promise? To provide you with the marketing services and strategies that will guide you down a successful road lined with expertise and support along the way.

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Best Practices in Social Media

Let’s face it: there’s a ridiculous amount of information out there about social media: How to use it, when to use it, why businesses are failing because they don’t use it. But what many of those eBooks lack is the “meat” of what companies can be doing online to engage with their audiences through social media channels.

Enough of the high-level fluff. Let’s talk about what you can do right now.

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Praise for Allée

You have built an amazing company, and what you’ve accomplished is extremely impressive. Allée is definitely in my “referral” queue!

Kimberlee Karr
Director of Marketing
Argos Risk

Just want to say thanks for participating in the GYBC, not only as a workshop speaker but all the media and marketing/communications help as well. I personally learned a lot from this experience and working with you and I now understand more how to incorporate social media into event promotions and day-of activities. Thanks for helping move the Chamber into this new media.

Travis Bunch
Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce

I must say that you impress me. Your breadth of knowledge on subjects as well as fresh writing style…well they rock! Thanks for your contributions to the conference and UMSA.

Michael Kelly

A Few of our Clients