A List: Things I choose to keep “old school”

Forty-three percent of American consumers check Google before visiting a local business or restaurant. Thirty-percent for the phone book. As technology tries to push me past lightning speed, there are still some things that I won’t budge on. So, as much as I might have laughed at those who still use phone books to look up information, those same peeps should feel free to laugh at me for the follow things that I insist on keeping “old school”.

Play nice in the sandbox

Collaboration is a requirement for nearly every communications project today. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the economy, with many individuals working as independents. Or perhaps it’s just a necessity of our ever-expanding field, both online and off. Whatever the cause, the list of experts, specialists and digital gurus on most projects can be quite extensive—brand […]

A List: Five social media notes of the week

Trendwatching.com recently released its May 2011 Trend Briefing in which it described “The F-Factor.” The F-Factor encompasses how we, as fans, followers and friends, continuously influence each other’s decision to buy something. The independent trend firm listed five ways in which the F-Factor influences consumption behavior, one of those being F-Discovery. According to Trendwatching.com, F-Discover […]